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Our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus to all nations of the world.

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2300 Pot Spring Rd,
Timonium,  MD 21093

Phone: (443) 760 5193

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Welcome - You are so Special

The grace and peace of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Thank you for visiting our web site and you are most welcome to join us.

We sincerely and surely believe that YOU ARE SO SPECIAL that you are created by the image and likeness of the Almighty God and you are so loved by Him and that is why He sent His begotten Son, Jesus Christ to save you. Blessed are those who do believe in Jesus and have an Eternal Life. Jn.3: 16, Jn. 1:12-13

Moreover, the highest and last ultimate goal of Christianity is to enrich and reach z perfect love indeed. Likewise, all spiritual gifts and gatherings have given us to open our eyes to know more about love and live in love. That is the depth of Christ teachings (1 Corinthians 13:1-13). Those who do not know love do not know God (1 Jn.4:20). Above all, love is the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ (Jn.13: 35). Thank you and God bless you richly.



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Pastor Daniel Alemayehu
 pastor daniel

Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Daniel Alemayehu is one of the Godly men that God has raised in our generation to bring a great spiritual awakening to hungry souls in the body of Christ.